Understanding The Top Consumer Segments of the Mass Retailers

Unveiling the Shopping Habits and Preferences of the Retail Titans’ Most Lucrative Customer Groups

With total retail sales reaching 7.1 trillion USD by the end of 2022, it’s clear that the industry is thriving, with 14.8 percent of these sales being made online. To stay competitive in the market, retailers must optimize their strategies to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and behaviors. Enhancing the customer experience and harnessing technology to facilitate personalized and seamless shopping experiences should be a priority for both online and in-store retail marketers in the current state of the retail industry.

Claritas’ industry-leading Claritas PRIZM® Premier, segmentation is a valuable tool for marketers to gain insights into their target audience and create data-driven advertising strategies. By analyzing demographics, location, shopping behaviors and media consumption habits, marketers can create targeted and effective multichannel campaigns that incorporate data from both online and in-store purchases. The infographic highlights several top retail consumer segments, including: Big Sky Families, Second City Generations, and Networked Neighbors.

In this Infographic, you’ll gain insights into:

– How to attract the right customers and understand what products they prioritize
– Understand the specific devices and channels these segments use so you can more effectively engage them where it matters most
– Understand how these segments feel about in-store vs. online shopping experiences and how to create a seamless multichannel experience
– How CTV/OTT will play in the advertising strategies of mass retailers in the coming years
– Pro tips on how to turn our data into action
– Data interpretations, for the methodology behind the insights
– Additional ways Claritas can help you mass market retailers succeed

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