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The Future of DCO is AI Personalization

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is one of the most talked about topics today. It is practically inescapable when discussing anything tech-related. In fact, only 35% of companies reported using AI in their business, according to IBM. Meaning, though we are hearing a lot of talk surrounding AI, it is not being implemented or used as much as we are led to believe. At Claritas, we are not just saying our advanced analytics are powered by AI; we have results that speak for themselves. We also advocate for transparency in our process, so our clients see and understand how our AI technology is working for them.

What is AI Personalization?

A tool many marketers use today is Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). DCO technology rapidly builds multiple iterations of an ad using the same base creative, while tailoring parts of the ad based on audiences, context, and past performance. The problem with DCO is that it is based on humans creating a series of decision trees which is what drives the different creative units developed. AI Personalization (AIP) is the evolution of DCO, it uses unsupervised learning to discern how to align different creatives and messaging across the consumer journey. This enhances our ability to deliver the most impactful messages across audio, digital, video, and potentially websites, email, text, and call centers. Think of AIP as a way of turning 5 pieces of creative advertisement content into 500 pieces. Typically, this process takes a considerable amount of time for a human but with AIP, the creative is constantly optimized to suit the audience it is being delivered to. Watch the video below to listen to Don Sklenka, SVP of AI Personalization, at Claritas briefly explain AIP:

Why should you consider implementing AI Personalization?

AI Personalization, with its patented AI engine and unique ad server, has proven to deliver KPI increases as high as +259% for major brands like Kroger, General Motors, and others. AI-assisted content creation yields hundreds or thousands of different creative versions, generated by a combination of humans and AI. The role of AI is to learn which combinations of message elements work best for different consumer audiences in various contexts and automatically apply this understanding to optimize campaigns and increase engagement rates. The AI works 24/7, automatically optimizing conversions in real-time while also understanding preferences, behaviors, and motivations. It also provides businesses with explainable AI output, to understand how and why the AI aligns different messages with different people in different sequences. Don’t just take our word for it though. Here are real results that show the power of AI Personalization:

To learn more about our partnership with Kroger, read the full Case Study.

Seamless integration with your current campaigns

If you’re interested in using AIP in your next marketing campaign, Claritas makes the process seamless. We even provide a user-friendly dashboard so you can see the results the AI is having on your marketing efforts in real-time. Listen as Don Sklenka goes in-depth on the process of using AIP:

and the transparency of the technology:


At Claritas, AI technology is not just a marketing talking point; it is actually the driving force behind our solutions. AI Personalization’s ability to scale and adapt is unmatched by traditional methods. This is not a tool that replaces the role of marketers by any means; rather, it is a way to enhance what they are already doing. This tool will allow them to increase the scale of their marketing campaigns without adding additional workload. As data accumulates and campaigns evolve, our AI algorithm continuously optimizes creative pairings, ensuring each impression is matched with the ideal creative. This level of precision and adaptability is not achievable with manual intervention.

AIP is just one of the many AI-driven marketing solutions within Claritas’ suite of products. Dynamic Audience Optimization enhances marketing campaign effectiveness by leveraging advanced AI technologies to analyze data, identify the best audience, and optimize targeting weekly. It uncovers hidden audience insights, expanding reach and impact through AI-driven custom segmentation. AI Media Optimization optimizes the media mix by balancing audience targeting, message personalization, and channel selection, utilizing patented AI and machine learning methodologies. It dynamically adjusts targeting throughout the campaign, delivering hyper-personalized experiences. AI Measurement & Attribution provides precise measurement and detailed insights reporting to determine the influence of marketing tactics on key performance indicators, including comprehensive reporting and advanced analytics. These products collectively enhance marketing effectiveness, optimize media strategies, and provide detailed insights to maximize ROI.

If you are considering ways to take your marketing efforts to the next level, then Contact Claritas to learn more about our artificial intelligence, audience segmentation, multichannel marketing, and campaign measurement solutions. For more AI related content, visit the AI Resource Portal.

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