Claritas Identity Graph – Connecting Marketers With More Able & Intent-based Consumers

The Claritas Identity Graph reaches nearly 100% of U.S. consumer households and ties together over 5 billion data points monthly to produce the highest-def portrait of each customer and prospect. It’s the engine that makes our powerful solutions work so effectively.

It is the only graph technology on the market leveraged to more accurately and effectively help marketers across all critical areas of the marketing spectrum from identifying and building the right audiences…to delivering marketing campaigns across the most effective channels…to measuring the true impact audiences and channels have on driving ROI.

With the Claritas Identity Graph, you will:
– Know more about who your customers and best prospects are, what devices they use, and how they use them.
– Know more about where each customer and prospect engages, so you can reach them with a consistent message when and where they are most likely to interact with it.
– Be able attribute exposure to conversions, so you’ll know what’s working, what isn’t and how to optimize each to improve your ROI.

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