PRIZM® Premier Travel Insights Into Multicultural Families

People are itching to travel and consumers who travel often are the low-hanging fruit. Understanding travel behaviors and audience lifestyles allow you to create campaigns to capture their attention and drive success. Our latest insights sheet looks at Claritas PRIZM® Premier segment, 56: Multi-Culti Families who are a diverse, multicultural group of households who travel frequently and have very distinct travel lifestyles and behaviors.

​​​​Gain a deeper understanding of travel audiences through the lens of segmentation. Check out our latest insights into the travel behaviors of today’s multicultural consumers to answer questions like:

– Where do they plan to travel?
– How often do they travel?
– Which hotels & airlines do they use?
– What type of travel experiences are they looking for, and more!

Segmentation provides deep insights into consumer demographics and lifestyles, by their preferences, attitudes and behaviors. This data helps marketers tailor campaigns that resonate with their best customers and prospects to engage more consumers and drive more conversions and sales.

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