The 2022 Black Consumer Tech Report

In continuing our ongoing commitment to providing you the most comprehensive insights into multicultural audiences, Claritas has released our latest U.S. Black Consumer Tech Report. Discover unique data, analytics and actionable insights around Black Americans who now represent 13% of the U.S. population. With more than half of all Black Americans having lived their entire lives in the digital age, any company would be ill-advised to ignore these tech-savvy Gen X, Millennial and Gen-Z consumers. Know more about how to genuinely engage this valuable population segment and gain their trust with intelligence-driven insights.

To learn more about the U.S. Black consumer market contact your Claritas Representative and ask about Claritas Teck Track and our Multicultural Data, the basis for the insights in this report.

About Claritas Tech Track

Claritas Technology Behavior Track survey data provides a unique look into consumer behaviors and preferences across a wide range of telecom products and services. Delivered via a variety of formats from respondent data files, custom reports, segmentation profiles, analytics projects or our online platforms, our original research data ranges from usage, customer satisfaction, decision motivators, switching behaviors and the why behind the buy. A nationally representative sample of more than 32,000 respondents, the Claritas Technology Behavior Track is fielded on a yearly basis. Survey content is influenced by client feedback and updated annually to reflect the most current technological advancements and answer additional questions of interest. We can even re-contact a specific subset of the respondents to probe selected topics more deeply.

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