Embracing Multichannel Marketing in Travel

As the travel industry continues to rebound, embracing a multichannel marketing approach is imperative – but it’s not always that easy! There are so many different influences and ways in which people receive information on where, when and how to travel. Should you place ads on radio or TV? What social media channels are most effective? Are print media or email campaigns still good options?

The first step  in an effective multichannel marketing strategy is gaining a true understanding of your customers – their demographics, preferences, buying behaviors, and how and when they consume information. As an example, we examined 3 of the 68 different syndicated audiences within industry leading Claritas PRIZM® Premier, to learn more about their travel and brand preferences, as well as how they interact with different types of advertising and medium. For diverse representation, we chose a wealthier, suburban segment; a rural, family segment;  and an urban, multicultural audience. 

Learn more about these diverse groups, their travel and advertising preferences, and the full three steps to an effective, multichannel campaign strategy within the travel industry.

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