Multichannel Acquisition Campaigns | A Claritas Fireside Chat

What are the critical elements of a successful acquisition campaign? How do various channels play a role in influencing consumer behavior? In our latest fireside chat, we sit down with Quinn Jalli, SVP of Email Products at Claritas, to discuss multichannel acquisition campaigns.

Watch the 25-minute video to know more about the following:

– The ways consumers engage with media today vs. pre-pandemic
– How the diversity of online and offline channels changed the consumer purchase journey
– Ways marketers can gain insight into how specific channels impact purchase behaviors
– Which channels do the best job generating initial interest in products and services
– Why it’s important for marketers to make the investment in resources that help them understand their audiences at a granular level, before even thinking about their media mix
– Advice for starting the process of campaign measurement and attribution

Once you finish watching this video, visit our Multichannel Execution page.

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