Attribution 3.0 | A Claritas Fireside Chat

We are excited to announce the release of Claritas Attribution 3.0, which brings significant improvements to the accuracy and breadth of reporting available from our suite of Optimization solutions. This fireside chat will familiarize you with what’s to come with these enhancements.

Our focus with Attribution 3.0 included:

– Tuning the engine of our attribution waterfall
– Discounting brand preferences that influence consumer engagement
– Data quality assurances to address changes in the data and privacy landscape
– Introducing algorithmic Multi-Touch Attribution to handle the breadth of our client’s media portfolios
– Improving identity resolution with the strength of our enhanced identity graph

Listen as our VP of Product R&D, Phil Keefe, highlights the key changes and enhancements that were made with Attribution 3.0, how they differ from what others in the industry are doing with their attribution processes, and the core benefits these changes bring to the marketplace.

In this 20-minute conversation, you’ll learn:

– What measurement actually means and where attribution fits in
– How Claritas’ attribution solutions have changed and developed over time
– Ways marketers can gain insight into how specific channels impact purchase behaviors
– The challenges faced when working towards accurate measurement and attribution
– More about the solutions we’ve found that comply with consumer privacy regulations, without compromising data quality
– Where the future of media attribution advancements is headed

To watch part two of this conversation, which focuses on enhancements we’ve made to the Claritas Identity Graph to stay at the forefront of a continually evolving digital landscape, click here.

Once you finish watching this video, visit our Multichannel Execution page to learn even more.

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