Effectively Target Your Ideal Digital Audiences

In partnership with eMarketer/Insider Intelligence, Barney Marvin from Claritas shares how leveraging audience segmentation, custom audiences and a proactive approach to the newest industry privacy changes can improve digital marketing campaigns resulting in improved customer experience and an increase in lifetime value. You’ll also hear examples of brands that have leveraged these tools to find, connect with and convert their ideal customers.

Claritas works with partners to help them pinpoint potential customers for clients more precisely, helps them deliver multichannel campaigns more effectively and measure the effectiveness of those campaigns. With over 20,000 demographic and behavioral attributes for every consumer and household in the U.S., including 2,500 audiences available and on-the-shelf ready to activate today including PRIZM® Premier, P$YCLE® Premier, ConneXions®, and CultureCode®, Claritas Digital excels at creating high-performing unique and granular audiences that address your objectives across multiple industries. Audiences are available and actionable across multiple channels.

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