Claritas – Audience Identification, Campaign Activation and Accurate Measurement

Bryan Barletta from Sounds Profitable, the industry’s leading independent advocacy and research group, sits down for another discussion with Chase Miller, EVP at Claritas to discuss their full suite of data-driven solutions. Claritas uses these to help marketers improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaign efforts from identifying the right audiences to measuring the impact multichannel campaigns have on driving conversations.

For the last 50+ years, Claritas has been helping marketers build effective audience strategies through a granular understanding of the insights and behaviors of the U.S. consumer. Over the past few years, Claritas has expanded its portfolio to not only help marketers pinpoint the right audiences to reach, but also aid in launching impactful multichannel campaigns as well as accurately measuring the impact those campaigns have on contributing to conversions and other important KPI’s through a robust set of attribution and incremental lift solutions. At the core of these robust solutions is the powerful Claritas Identity Graph which plays a vital role in transforming once disparate data into actionable intelligence which is integrated across Claritas’ full suite of solutions.

During this interview, powered by MarketectureTV, you’ll hear how Claritas’ solutions have impacted marketers through a range of customer use cases.

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