Brunch & Learn with Lake Michigan Credit Union

Claritas and Lake Michigan Credit Union held an invite-only Brunch and Learn session at The Financial Brand Forum 2022 and now we’re sharing the video!

In this session, we spoke with the CMO of Lake Michigan Credit Union, Don Bratt, who shared:

– Background on how Lake Michigan became one of the largest of their kind – a credit union with over $11B in assets
– The unique challenges they face, plus the everyday struggles the banking industry is challenged with
– What it takes to solve those issues, from the best 3rd party data to incorporate with your own 1st party insights, to real-life case study examples of success
– A look into the future for the industry and what challenges, like ever-evolving privacy regulations, credit unions and banks will need to think about

The great feedback we received from this session has encouraged us to replicate these brunch and learns at future conferences, except next time we will hire a professional videographer!

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