AI for Growth Unleashing Data to Personalize, Predict, and Profit

AI is a game-changer, and its transformational impact on the banking sector cannot be overstated. This session, presented by Claritas Chief AI Officer, Rex Briggs at the 2024 Financial Brand Forum, will demystify the intricacies of AI, as you explore the groundbreaking technologies and latest innovations in artificial intelligence that are completely reshaping the future of banking.

You’ll see case studies and learn actionable strategies that are driving innovation and growth at an unprecedented pace. We’ll also unpack results from new research covering multiple industries showing how to double conversion rates and other critical KPIs.

This session will teach banking executives:

– How to remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving landscape by successfully integrate AI into your growth strategy
– The strengths, weaknesses, limitations and creative potential of artificial intelligence in financial marketing
– How to apply AI effectively and responsibly with hands-on, applicable marketing strategies (e.g., “next best product” recommendations, cross-selling, and upselling)
– How to leverage AI to enhance your CX strategy, personalize interactions, improve customer satisfaction, and foster deeper connections
– How to create efficient AI workflows with strategies that streamline marketing operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity
– How to handle complex data and queries with database vectorization and multimodal systems
– A risk framework for AI focused on precision and input control, and where it is especially important to be cautious

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