The 2024 Smart Home Technology Report

How Smart is Too Smart?

In the evolving digital landscape, smart home technology is outpacing many products due to its ability to enhance convenience, efficiency, and connectivity. From smart home devices to wearable gadgets and beyond, the market is flooded with an array of cutting-edge products vying for consumer attention. In such a competitive landscape, effectively reaching and engaging target audiences is paramount for success.

The 2024 Smart Home Technology Report explores the indispensable role of audience segmentation and multichannel marketing strategies in promoting smart technology solutions. Among other things you can expect to find the following in this report:

• The trends in smart home technology

• Specific technology products purchased and planned for in the coming year

• The impact of cultural and ethnic backgrounds on interest in smart home technology

• The use of multichannel marketing and AI to reach audiences

• Tech attitudes and media preferences

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