Is Everything You Thought You Knew About Your Customers & Members Wrong?

Expertly navigating the ever-evolving financial services landscape can prove difficult for even the most seasoned of marketing executives. Having a complete toolkit of data, insights, and resources can help you understand where your greatest risks lie, address them proactively with optimal results, and outperform your competition on all levels.

Watch Claritas’ session with Star One Credit Union, Is Everything You Thought You Knew About Your Customers & Members Wrong? Join as we dive deep into the strategic identification and engagement of high-value customers and prospects through multichannel campaigns. Gain insight into optimizing channel selection and message timing for maximum impact. And finally, uncover the crucial role of accurate measurement and attribution in gauging campaign effectiveness. All while ensuring alignment with contemporary marketing best practices.

Claritas’ VP of Financial Services, Michael Scicolone highlights data-driven marketing insights. He also maps out a proven successful game plan for overcoming industry hurdles. Star One’s VP of Marketing, Ryan Barringer, shares how they have expertly avoided pitfalls their peers have succumbed to. From utilizing outdated segmentation models, ignoring the wants and needs of the audiences driving growth, or even failing to adapt as financial institutions open to new and evolving audiences and technology, Star One has seen it all.

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