Data Drives Technology and Telecommunications Marketing:  The 2023 Tech Report

COVID-19 transformed the business, economic, and technology landscapes – from the acceleration of work-from-home options to the expansion of the Metaverse. The emergence of new technology and telecommunications services and products has placed a premium on understanding consumer behaviors and the messages that resonate. Therefore, it is imperative we look at the trends that are here to stay, the challenges and opportunities they create, and how they can be optimized for sales growth going forward.

Claritas’ 2023 Technology Market Report seeks to identify just a few of the many strategic opportunities that technology providers should consider. Among other things, this report looks at:

• Trends in the Television, Cable and TVOT market.

• How the mobile phone market is evolving.

• How income, age and acculturation can factor into consumer attitudes towards switching brands.

• Reactions towards smart technologies and other emerging concepts.

Enjoy these insights and then apply them to help you tailor messaging and campaigns that resonate in the technology market.

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