Custom Audiences

With the most advanced modeling capabilities and deep experience, Claritas excels at creating high-performing customer and new prospect audiences that address the unique needs of your business and then activating them in-market in near-real time.

Every business has different marketing objectives. Meeting those objectives sometimes requires addressing a very specific audience. Using Claritas data, you can build proprietary audiences based on your goals.

Whether you’re adding specific attributes to your customer files, building an audience using Claritas behavioral data, or finding more customers that look exactly like your best ones, the end result is that you’ll have more of what you need to harness the power of personalized messaging and acquire new customers faster.

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Custom Audience Solutions

Custom Segmentation

Unleash the potential of your 1st-party data by combining it with our robust demographic and behavioral insights. Using our proprietary modeling process, these custom-built audiences include extensive details including audience profiles, storyboards, geographic distribution and directories.

Look-alike Audiences

Already know what your best customer looks like? Based on their known attributes and behaviors, Claritas will find more customers that look exactly like them using the most adopted segmentation in the market along with our unmatched breadth of data.

Access to Claritas AudienceAnywhere® Platform

With our AudienceAnywhere platform, you’ve got the ultimate in customization. Select from 1,000s of attributes to build your own audience to meet your business goals. In addition, you can tag your website and build a custom audience from the anonymous visitors that visit your site.

Claritas + AI

As a trailblazer in understanding the American consumer, Claritas is also leveraging the integration of patented and advanced AI into our infrastructure, machine learning methodologies and the Claritas Identity Graph to enhance the accuracy, speed, ease of use and scale of our full suite of solutions. We call our revolutionary AI engine Clair. She’s our ever-evolving brain, tirelessly analyzing mountains of data to unveil the intricate tapestry of the American consumer.

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Methodology: The Forefront of Innovation in Segmentation

Our industry-leading segmentations are built from the household level up using a patented method of data science. This method culls over 10,000 variables to predict consumer behavior with greater precision. The unprecedented quality, depth and breadth of the data behind our segments comes from our own data collection, with links to leading surveys and panels. As the only company whose segmentation is coded into the Nielsen TV panel, Claritas can run TV ratings against our segmentation for optimized TV buys.

The Claritas Advantage

Unmatched Industry Expertise

Our expert team has years of experience across a wide array of industries to help build audiences quickly to activate them across our vast network of channels and platforms in near-real time.

Privacy-Safe & Compliant

Designed with privacy in mind, our custom audiences are modeled and built with opt-in data sources to ensure privacy compliance.

Unify Data into Actionable Intelligence

Using patented data science, Claritas can combine disparate datasets and unlock their hidden potential for a deeper understanding of customers and prospects.

Activate your segmentation with Claritas marketing services

We can quickly deliver your audiences to our vast network of channel and platform partners, so you and your agency can execute your campaign on your own. Or let us do it for you.
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