Transforming the Business of Campaign Execution

On this episode of The Marketing Insider | A Claritas Podcast, we welcome Claritas SVP of Email Products, Quinn Jalli. As an industry leader, Quinn and his team have been transforming the business of campaign execution at Claritas and now, he’s bringing their expertise to the podcast.

Listen to the 30-minute episode to hear Quinn talk about the following topics, and more:

– The changes we’ve implemented to our campaign execution process and how they impact client success
– How the learnings from Q1 campaign performance can help improve future campaigns
– What makes an ad stand out in a sea of competitors promoting similar goods or services
– How to properly interpret CRM campaign data versus acquisition campaign metrics
– When to transition acquisition campaigns to customer based programs
– How many touches it really takes to convert a customer and what channels work best

Learn more about Claritas’ multichannel campaign execution solutions, here.

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