Surpassing All Ad Revenue Forecasts

One of the most popular topics on the podcast has been anything and everything related to podcast and digital audio advertising, and for good reason. A few years ago, the ad revenue forecasts for podcast advertising were estimated to pass the $1B mark in 2023, but that actually happened in 2021. What used to be an industry dominated by startup and direct-to-consumer advertisements has finally caught the attention of more traditional, mainstream brands.

On this episode of The Marketing Insider | A Claritas Podcast, we welcome Claritas EVP, Chase Miller. For his first appearance, he shares his thoughts as answers to these questions:

– Will the current period of economic downturn effect podcast and digital audio listenership or purchase behaviors?
– What can you learn by attending smaller, niche conferences like Podcast Movement? Why is it important to attend those in addition to larger general marketing events?
– Is there any competitive advantage for advertisers leveraging baked-in podcast ads vs. dynamically inserted ads (or vice versa)?
– If a brand wants to start advertising via digital audio, what’s the process like?
– What are the top KPIs to pay attention to when measuring the effectiveness of podcast and digital audio ads? What metrics aren’t as important, and which are channel unique?
– What’s next in the world of measurement and attribution solutions? How can advertisers ensure they stand out to consumers in a crowded marketplace?

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