Solving the Dilemma of Personalization vs. Privacy

Brands have long battled with balancing personalization vs. privacy in their marketing and advertising efforts. With new regulations being introduced on what feels like a daily basis, it can be difficult for them to maintain the proper balance.

On this episode of The Marketing Insider, we welcome Ben Isaacson from In-House Privacy. He is a true privacy pioneer and In-House Privacy provides industry-wide, on-demand privacy counsel and consulting. On the podcast, Ben deep dives into the current privacy laws, like CDPA and CPRA. He shares what they mean for your business when it comes to customer identity resolution. He also discusses new developments with Apple’s IDFA and the status of Google’s 3rd party cookie retirement. Plus, he shares the non-negotiable steps you need to take as a marketer to ensure ongoing compliance. We also welcome Claritas CTO, Al Gadbut who dispels myths around what privacy compliance is and isn’t, and safe ways to navigate the changing landscape.

Once you finish listening to the podcast, check out the Beyond the Episode blog, here. We had so much to discuss in this podcast that 30-minutes was not enough to talk everything personalization vs. privacy. The blog dives into the “big brother” stigma market research companies are currently dealing with and whether those concerns are valid. You’ll also hear more about how to leverage the intelligence of an identity graph to stay on the right side of compliance. Finally, we share simple tips for how consumers can protect their data online.

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