New Privacy Legislations and How They Impact Your Marketing Efforts

Welcome to the 2023 season of The Marketing Insider | A Claritas Podcast! For our first episode of the year, we welcome Claritas CTO, Al Gadbut, and the CEO and Founder of BlueSky Privacy, Teresa Troester-Falk. They join us to talk what else, new privacy legislations and how they impact your marketing efforts.

Listen in to this extra-long episode as Al and Teresa share the details on:
– The new consumer privacy legislations that go into effect this year and what that means for marketers
– How the concept of Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) may limit the data you previously had access to
– Whether identity graphs will lose their efficacy with the new, more restrictive laws
– How new solutions like Google Topics plan to fill the void that cookies are sure to leave behind
– What to do if your company is unsure of its compliance with the laws that went into effect on January 1st
– If we will ever see a federal standard for privacy
– And more!

Are you ready to know more?