Driving Growth In Today’s Streaming Market

Driving growth in today’s streaming market doesn’t happen due to new subscribers. That’s a thing of the past. Today, the streaming market grows when churn is stemmed and when share is stolen. More importantly, growth comes when streaming platforms understand the value and opportunity each individual subscriber offers.

On this episode of The Marketing Insider | A Claritas Podcast, the EVP of Global Media and Entertainment at Magid, Mike Bloxham, and the SVP of Practice Leadership at Claritas, Ron Cohen, join us to share successful acquisition and retention strategies for streaming platforms and their agencies of service. And, since this episode is all about streaming – we turned on the cameras!

What questions will Mike and Ron answer when it comes to the epic streaming growth battle?
– How can you optimize subscriber value?
– Why do subscribers stay or leave various platforms, and what makes them become champions of your service?
– Why did Claritas and Magid team up to create the SubScape Streaming Segments and how do they help solve the challenges platforms face?
– What competitive advantages and differentiators does segmentation created for streaming platforms offer those that utilize the data?

Are you ready to know more?