Claritas Identity Graph

Unrivaled accuracy. Unmatched scale. Privacy at its core. The Claritas Identity Graph uses transformative technology and superior data science to connect your customers’ and prospects’ real world data to their devices and digital behavior with more accuracy and scale than anyone in the industry.

The Claritas Identity Graph reaches nearly 100% of US consumer households and ties together over 5 billion data points monthly to produce the highest-def portrait of each customer and prospect. It's the engine that makes our powerful solutions work so effectively.
  • You’ll know more about who your customers and best prospects are, what devices they use, and how they use them.
  • You’ll know more about where each customer and prospect engages, so you can reach them with a consistent message when and where they are most likely to interact with it.
  • You’ll be able attribute exposure to conversions, so you’ll know what’s working, what isn’t and how to optimize each to improve your ROI.

The Highest Def Profile of the Consumer

data-img-2 mobile-data_graph

The Claritas Identity Graph Advantage

Know More About Your Audiences

The Claritas Identity Graph can connect over 255 million consumers to over 1 billion devices and build high-def profiles of who you should engage with and the best ways to do it.

Highest Accuracy, Largest Scale

Our graph is owned and managed 100% in-house. With 5 billion data feeds monthly, we’re continually refreshing our data and linkages so that they are the most accurate in the industry and cover nearly 100% of US households.

Engage More Efficiently

Don’t waste money putting marketing where it won’t be seen or have an impact. The Claritas Identity Graph will help you put the right message in front of the right person on the right channel at the right time.

Privacy is a Priority

Claritas uses a proprietary process for collecting, analyzing and making actionable insights that meet or exceed industry privacy requirements. We also work closely with other industry leaders developing guidelines that aid in defining CCPA compliance.

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