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Stack.d Media Partners With Claritas, Leading to a 94% ROAS for a Healthcare Client


Stack.d Media is a customer engagement company helping businesses across the U.S. accelerate growth by finding new customers. One of their clients, a healthcare provider, recently challenged them with identifying new patient opportunities and delivering marketing campaigns to them.


Stack.d Media leveraged a combination of their robust analytics, the client’s first party data, and Claritas PRIZM® Premier segmentation to create target groups for campaign execution. Part of this included understanding the healthcare audience’s preferred channels and devices, to enable the most effective media mix. This omni-channel approach would allow us to reach the most receptive audiences across all platforms.

Next, Claritas and Stack.d Media collaborated on a multi-month campaign calendar, which Claritas executed against. Tracking metrics like open rates, impressions, and clicks, helped determine that digital ads were the most effective with the healthcare audiences. A matchback analysis also showed the healthcare provider which creative formats did the best job of driving new patient appointments and first appointment revenue.

According to Jamie Miller, Founder and Partner of Stack.d Media, “from the start, we knew that our success was going to be measured by the number of new patients we could reach through our campaigns. In the end, we were able to measure 25,000 conversations, which directly led to 3,991 first appointments and $1.2MM in first appointment revenue. Because of these successes, we will continue our partnership with Claritas and bring marketing success to more clients.”

A Word From The Stack.d Media Team

“PPC and old school social media advertising is dead. 80% of digital media spend goes to a couple of companies by default. It’s time to change that. Acquisition marketing is a thing.” – Jamie Miller, Founder & Partner at Stack.d Media

“We build each brand their own algorithm that’s different…and it works.” – Teckla Jorgenson, Customer Engagement Director at Stack.d Media


3,991 new patients

$1.2MM in first appointment revenue

94% ROAS


The industry’s most widely adopted segmentation solution, PRIZM® Premier, provides rich insights for every household in the U.S. including demographics, lifestyle and media preferences, shopping behaviors and technology usage.

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