Origin & Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness drives new member leads using dynamic native CTV campaign


Origin, an award-winning creative technology company whose ad formats enable marketers to reimagine the purpose and performance of their Connected TV (CTV) investments, was engaged by Orangetheory Fitness to help drive consideration, site visits and new member leads for the brand.


Through Origin’s Native CTV ad format called Slingshot, 15-second native content assets were created using a blend of highly agile animation combined and their proprietary ad serving technology. These were then scheduled to run immediately ahead of the client’s scheduled ad creatives, rotating to a new asset each time it was served.

The campaign was distributed nationwide across Origin’s curated portfolio of CTV media partners. The primary audience was fitness enthusiasts between 25-54, with a household income of $75K+.

Origin then leveraged Claritas’ robust attribution methodologies to measure the impact on site visits and overall site activity.

  • 30-day campaign
  • 7.62MM impressions served
  • 453,500 households reached
  • 8x frequency per household

75,886Page visits

34.6%Lift in physical attention

16.8%Lift in awareness


Connected TV allows brands to go beyond measuring “eyeballs.” Instead, Connected TV allows the use of key identifiers such as IP addresses, device IDs and cookies to link specific advertisements more directly to actual conversions and/or engagements. You can then link that conversion/engagement data with demographic and behavioral data to see which types of audiences are responding. That makes it much easier to use an ROI-based approach to not only determine how many advertising dollars you should invest in Connected TV, but also to pinpoint which types of Connected TV audiences you should target.

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