ImOn Communications

Grow Market Share & Reduce Marketing Costs With Segmentation


ImOn Communications is a local fiber to the home service provider. Serving Cedar Rapids, Marion and Hiawatha communities, they offer high speed Internet, digital cable, and local and long-distance phone service. ImOn originally sent non-personalized direct mail to prospects, but many of their targets weren’t in the market to switch internet providers. They came to Claritas to stop inefficient marketing and start with a more personalized strategy. They also wanted to create personas of their best customers to find more where they planned to expand their network. This knowledge would help them create a better campaign strategy, rather than blanketing all residents in the area, as less residents to mail to = decrease in mailing costs.


Using ImOn’s existing customer file for Cedar Rapids, we appended Claritas PRIZM® Premier segmentation to understand who their existing customers were. From there, our Analytics Team created 2 distinct customer groups that ImOn serviced. Accompanying storyboards detailed unique attributes, demographics and psychographics. By understanding who their best customer segments were in Cedar Rapids they were able to identify other prospects in their existing and expansion markets and create targeted mailing campaigns with personalized messages. Looking at offline and digital costs in the 3rd quarter of 2019 vs. 2018, YOY results showed cost per lead was down 27% and a cost per sales savings of 40%. Equally impressive is that ImOn had such an influx of business going into 2020 that, despite the pandemic, they were able to halt new marketing for several months to focus on fulfilling existing orders.


40% Savings in cost-per-sale

27% Reduction in cost-per-lead


According to Lisa Rhatigan, VP of Marketing at ImOn Communications, “Claritas not only helped us understand who our customers were and how to find more, but also provided insights that were used across the organization, from digital marketing to direct sales to the development team creating growth plans to build out our network infrastructure.”

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