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Buckeye Broadband Uses New Tactics To Win New Business For Clients


For 50+ years, Buckeye Broadband has been a leader in Cable, Internet, and Phone products and services in the Midwest. They use Claritas solutions to show advertisers where Buckeye’s subscriber base overlaps with their best customer prospects for ad targeting. Recently, a physical therapy center advertiser challenged them with creating a media plan that expands their reach to younger athletes.


At the time, Buckeye Broadband’s physical therapy center advertiser served a more mature clientele. Buckeye’s research team leveraged Claritas PRIZM® Premier segmentation and Claritas Consumer Profiles via our Claritas 360 platform to better understand the demographics and behaviors of the new potential clients living within specific geographies. By searching our sports profile database, Buckeye identified target segments to reach. Then, they combined that data with the 1st party data they collect via subscriber cable boxes. From there, they devised an ad plan. The plan was built around a customized sports and news schedule for the physical therapy center. This also took into account the client’s previous commercial schedule from another advertiser. They had nearly half of their 250+ spots running outside of the target audiences’ prime viewing hours – not ideal!

Buckeye’s production team worked with the client to create a commercial spot staring a young athlete with a memorable hairstyle – a mullet. They also increased the number of commercials that ran on the right networks, at the right time of day, for the same investment they previously spent with another advertiser. Not only did the campaign go viral, but it met the physical therapy center’s original goal of reaching a new target audience of younger athletes.

Want to know more about how Buckeye Broadband helps their clients achieve advertising success? Listen to our podcast episode with Research and Promotions Specialist, Jamie Blazevich.


40% Increase in exposures to the physical therapy center's commercial

41% Increase in commercials that ran on ideal networks during target audience viewing hours


Claritas 360 is an intuitive web-­based application for quick and seamless analysis of customer data and markets.

PRIZM® Premier is a segmentation solution providing insights for U.S. households. Through this lens, Claritas Consumer Profiles provide a broad view of behaviors across a variety of categories.

“By utilizing the synergy of our detailed research from Claritas and our First Party Data, we were able to demonstrate that utilizing Buckeye Broadband for their advertising campaign provided awareness for an untapped demographic for their physical therapy center.” – Jamie Blazevich, Research & Promotions Specialist at Buckeye Broadband

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