Custom Segmentation

U.S. Automaker

Driving Increased Precision With Custom Segmentation


A U.S. automaker wanted to add precision to their marketing and product development efforts and ultimately drive new car sales. Their goal was to reach new car buyers with the greatest propensity to buy their brand as efficiently as possible. Since their goal was to have a highly predictive model based on their unique brand and vehicle types, they came to Claritas for a custom segmentation solution.


A proprietary approach was taken to combine auto-specific consumer behaviors with Claritas’ unique data to build target groups by brand and individual model targets. In addition, the custom segmentation needed to be actionable and built into the marketing ecosystem so their agencies could easily launch campaigns specific to each audience.

Each target group included detailed segment descriptions and thousands of data points describing buyers including demographics, lifestyle and media preferences, vehicle and feature preferences, and geographic concentrations. The resulting custom segments are being used as a unified view of the customer across the organization as follows:

Market Research: accesses target group insights through the Claritas 360 platform and connects custom segmentation to other proprietary custom research.

Marketing/Agency: uses insights to plan and execute media buys (online/offline) and develop copy & creative that resonates with each brand and model target customer.

Product Development: uses the insights to understand which features and technology are most important to buyers and should be included in the next generation of vehicles.


2x more efficient at predicting buyers of the brand than with previous solutions used


Custom segmentation provided the precision and efficiency they required, plus the ability to use their custom segments to target across media channels. Claritas turned data insights into data intelligence that can be used to inform customer acquisition strategy, messaging, media buying, market planning and distribution.

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