Looking for a Fast Way to Find 300,000 New Leads?

Here’s how Claritas helped the prepaid wireless carrier Metro do it…

Metro by T-Mobile – the prepaid wireless carrier formerly known as MetroPCS – wanted to revamp its marketing strategy to focus more on digital, and specifically email, and less on direct mail.

Metro specifically wanted to retarget a group of customers already showing interest in its brand: its website visitors. But it had one problem. It had very little data on these individuals.

The solution? Metro turned to Claritas to get to know these anonymous website visitors. By leveraging the Claritas Identity Graph for consumer insights and segmentation, Metro was able to identify key characteristics – such as age, income, media preference, device usage and more – of its website visitors.

Using that data, Metro could then identify its best prospects by seeing which visitors looked a lot like its current best customers – and append data into its database that would help Metro target those individuals more precisely.

The first step involved placing Claritas pixels on the Metro website to track and monitor website traffic. Within a week, Claritas was able to analyze and match this previously anonymous traffic back to households using the Claritas Identity Graph. Claritas then created a complete customer profile of these prospects for Metro – including IP address, physical address, devices used, email addresses and demographic data – that would allow the carrier to easily target its best prospects leveraging Claritas’ active email database of over 125 million addresses.

300,000 Leads in Just 30 Days

After just 30 days, Metro had collected 300,000 unique leads. It also used the Claritas Identity graph to match 82% of those leads with email addresses to support campaign delivery.

“We were extremely impressed with the speed and volume of leads we could identity just by analyzing our anonymous website visitors,” said David Dempster, senior manager of performance marketing at Metro by T-Mobile.

Metro is also leveraging the Claritas Identity Graph to discover more about the buying and channel preferences of those visiting its website. The carrier is now crafting customized campaigns based on that data to further drive conversions – and plans to continue to collect and analyze traffic to obtain even more customer insight.

To learn more about how Claritas can help you identify your anonymous website visitors and engage with the ones that matter most, check out our video: Resolve & Engage Your Anonymous Website Visitors

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